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Glee Watch Season 5, Episode 2: Tina In The Sky With Diamonds

In last night's episode, the Beatles theme continued, and prom fever was sweeping the halls of McKinley High. Plus a Cheerio revisits a nefarious McKinley High student body weapon: slushies! Let's recap, shall we?

Prom Noms

This year's prom court nominations include Blaine, Tina, Artie and Kitty. What? No Sam?!?!

Sam isn't sure why he wasn't nominated. (Maybe it's his past as a stripper?) And adding to Sam's misery, Tina dumps Sam as her prom date. (Hey, Sam, that might not be such a bad thing.) The Tina void ends up leaving Sam open to explore things with his new crush: trainee student nurse Penny.

Commercial Booked and Diner Love

Santana scores a commercial for a yeast infection medication. And not only is her professional career rising like a loaf of bread, so is her love life. Adios Brit, and hello Dani (Demi Lovato). Dani, who also works at the diner, has the hots for Santana and the feeling is mutual. And we even got a sweet little kiss this episode. Aww.

Does Everyone Now Work At The Diner?

Not since Saved By the Bell's "The Max" or 90210's The Peach Pit, has a diner been so popular. In addition to Rachel, Santana and Dani, now Kurt is working there too! But Mr. Hummel has a valid reason. doesn't pay (most internships don't) and he needs seed money to start a Madonna cover band. Makes sense.

Tina Wins Prom Queen

Stoner Brett wins prom king and Tina wins prom queen. But it isn't a smooth road to the crown for Tina. Evil Bree "Carries" Tina with a good old slushie. Honestly it's been so long since one of our Gleeks was slushied, that I had forgotten all about the heinous practice.

Tina bounces back thanks to a little help from her friends. And we learn that Sue still has it out for the Glee kids, when she promotes Bree to captain of the Cheerios and instructs the newly anointed captain to create a plan to destroy the glee club. Oh Sue, you're just like Skeletor, you never give up.

The Latest Rachel "Funny Girl" Update

Rachel gets cast as Fanny in Funny Girl. (Did you have any doubts?) Miss Berry's ego remains firmly intact, and our band of McKinley alum make a pack to remain in NYC for two years no matter what happens.

LOL Moments

Stoner Brett getting whacked in the head by the slushie bucket. I'm sure he didn't feel a thing. Haha.

Memorable Quotes

Santana: "Okay, no, come on. You are not playing Yenta the lesbian matchmaker."

Tina: "I said no caffeine until prom! I can't afford to look tired like some sad, anemic dishrag!"

Santana: "I mean, if you're producing that much yeast you should probably start a bakery."

Sam: "My personality is like a radioactive asteroid. Spend too much time with it and it could kill you."

Music featured

"Get Back"

"Here Comes the Sun"

"Hey Jude

"Let It Be"

"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"



Gleeks, next week have the boxes of Kleenex ready: it's the Finn tribute episode. See you then!