Gotham Season 2: Bruce Wayne Will Begin Developing His Dual Personality

Gotham has given us an interesting look at the young Bruce Wayne in the immediate aftermath of the death of his parents. In telling a unique origin story of the boy who will be Batman, the show’s first season has already started us the path that will lead us to the caped crusader. But there’s another side to the character and according the young actor who plays the role, we’ll begin to see more of that in Season 2.

David Mazouz, the actor behind Gotham’s Bruce Wayne attended Walker Stalker Con Orlando when Monkeys Fighting Robots caught up with him and asked him what we can expect from the young billionaire in the upcoming second season.

He's on a mission and he really is going to start his dual personality into being Batman. When he's Batman there is his Batman side and then his public persona which is his playboy/party boy persona. In Season Two, he's really going to start developing that second persona.

What’s interesting about the “dual personality” idea in this version of the story, is that if there’s a side of the personality that Bruce Wayne needs to work on, it’s being Bruce Wayne, not Batman. Season 1 clearly showed us a boy who wants to learn to fight, endure pain, and investigate his parents’ death. Thus far anybody’s who been paying attention knows what Bruce is up to, including many of the people he’s targeting. It sounds like Season 2 will deal more with Bruce realizing that if he wants to be successful in his endeavor, he needs to be able to cover his actions, and make people believe he’s just a kid with too much money.

It’s actually an intriguing idea. While we have no idea what Bruce was like before the death of his parents, he’s been of a singular focus since then. To a certain extent Bruce Wayne has already become Batman in this story, he just doesn’t have the skill set necessary to do the job. Bruce Wayne is just the costume that Batman has to put on now and then in order to fool everybody else.

Expect Sean Pertwee's Alfred to play a major part in helping Bruce create the playboy side of his persona. Alfred's experience in high society as the Wayne family butler gives him the knowledge he'll need for the major make over. Also, singularly focused Bruce will likely fight against the idea, as playing party host will take away from fencing practice and balancing on bannisters.

After a solid Season 1 on Fox we’re looking forward to see where Gotham goes in Season 2. Even considering how many villains we’ve already met, there are still many we have not seen, and others who have not fully completed their transformations. And hey, there’s a batcave to explore.

Dirk Libbey
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