A Gotham Fan Favorite Will Appear In Way More Season 2 Episodes

In its first season, Gotham offered up a seemingly neverending line of characters to take part in the over-the-top drama and action, and while many of them only stuck around for an episode or two – I’ll never stop chuckling at The Balloonman – many were there for the long haul as Gotham City’s underworld started gathering ground. Now we know that one of those temporary characters will be around a lot more, as Harvey Dent portrayer Nicholas D’Agosto has been upgraded to a series regular for Season 2. No need to flip a coin to tell whether we’re happy about this or not.


Here’s how the Masters of Sex star alerted his fans to his new job extension on Twitter.

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It was mildly disappointing to see Harvey Dent only pop up in three of Season 1’s 22 episodes, especially since his character We’ll hopefully get to see him fighting crime a lot more in Season 2, as I wouldn’t mind seeing how Gotham’s criminal justice system works inside the courtroom, rather than mostly inside the highly corrupt police department.

Considering Gotham is planning on sticking around for a long time, I don’t think we’ll be seeing Dent turn into Two-Face too soon, unless we get a flash-forward at some point. As much as I’d like to see the dual personalities come out to play, the show has gone through something of a villain overload already, and it doesn’t look like Season 2 is pulling back the reins on that front. Plus, I think it would make the good-to-bad flip that much more powerful if we get to experience Dent’s more virtuous side for an extended period.

Although we might not have to worry about Fish Mooney anymore, Season 2 will bring us The Joker when it kicks off, with Edward Nygma’s Riddler persona growing more as it goes along. As well, we know that Mr. Freeze is coming, along with Clayface and Mad Hatter. Plus, we found out the other day that two more villains will join the line-up, although we aren’t quite sure who they’ll be at this point.

To find out just how one-faced Harvey Dent will be, find Gotham again once it debuts Season 2 on Fox on Mondays this fall.

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