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On Gotham, Bruce Wayne is still years away from becoming Batman, but the titular city’s criminals aren’t waiting for the caped vigilante to rise to begin their crime careers. From main characters like Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) and Edward Nygma (Riddler) to more minor players like Jack Buchinsky (The Electrocutioner) and Victor Zsasz, viewers saw many of Batman’s future adversaries either already as villains or just getting started. With the show returning for Season 2, more names will be joining the lineup later this year, and two of these newcomers won’t be lacking for good looks.

According to TV Line, one of the villainous faces that will be appearing next season on Gotham is an “intelligent, cultured and highly articulate” man who is extremely handsome, but hides how dangerous he is with seductive charm. The other evildoer will be a female in her mid-to-late 20s who is described as a “sexy knock-out.” No other details were provided, but assuming these aren’t just original characters like Fish Mooney, we can likely expect them to be faces from Batman’s long list of criminals he’s faced over the decades.

It’s worth noting that several male villains have already been announced for Season 2, like Mr. Freeze, Clayface and the Mad Hatter. So for the male villain, it could be one of those gentlemen (using the term loosely). If I had to pick from those three, Mad Hatter matches this description the most. His high intellect, stalker-behavior and obsession with mind control ranks him as one of Batman’s creepier adversaries. The only problem is that Jervis Tetch is typically depicted as not being handsome, but it wouldn’t to exchange his mouse-like features for a face more alluring to the ladies, similar to Season 1’s Ogre. Other options outside this trio could include demented psychiatrist Hugo Strange, or perhaps a new mob villain like Tony Zucco, the man who will possibly later be behind the death of Dick Grayson’s parents, should the show go that far.

As for the woman, Gotham has already introduced Batman’s most notable female adversaries Catwoman and Poison Ivy, and they’re still children. The only major female villain remaining is Harley Quinn, but because Jerome, the person we’re currently being led to believe is The Joker , is only a teenager, it’s extremely doubtful that this woman is her since Joker had been causing chaos for years before he corrupted Dr. Harleen Quinzel. That leaves C-listers and below like Peyton Riley (the female Ventriloquist), Magpie, Sofia Falcone (Carmine Falcone’s daughter) and a few others. None of these are household names, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. On the other hand, if Gotham takes a page from Arrow’s book and includes a villain who isn’t part of Batman rogues gallery, then the list of names grows significantly bigger.

Gotham will return with new episodes this fall on Fox.

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