Graceland Preview Gives Us A Peek At Jeff Eastin's New USA Drama

We still have months to wait for the premiere of Jeff Eastin's new USA series Graceland, but the network has generously offered us a sneak peek at the project, which has less to do with Elvis than you might suspect by the title. Check out the preview for the drama series ahead!

From White Collar creator Jeff Eastin, Graceland follows a group of undercover law enforcers from the FBI, DEA and Customs who live together undercover in a beach house (referred to as Graceland) in Southern California. Among the cast is Rescue Me's Daniel Sunjata - who you'll see in the video below - playing the seasoned agent Paul Briggs, who appears to outrank newbie Mike (Aaron Tveit), who's just learning the ropes.

With its scenic setting and pretty cast, it looks like Graceland is going to fit in well among USA's other series, and there's also the element of humor, action and danger worked in as we see Mike trying to fulfill his responsibilities, which evidently range from house chores to risky undercover assignments.

Looks like it cold be fun, and I'm digging Sunjata's scruffy beach-beard. But we have a while to wait for this one as Graceland is expected to premiere Summer 2013.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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