HBO Makes It Five With Big Love Renewal

Bill may be losing a daughter, but his show is gaining another season. After the fourth season premiere opened 49% higher than the third season, with the current average running 13% higher, HBO has renewed Big Love for a fifth season, as reported by Reuters.

As previously announced, Amanda Seyfried will be leaving the show, but producers are looking to keep a couple of new additions on board: Zeljko Ivanek as Nicki's first husband J.J. and Sissy Spacek. The latter's continuation might indicate good prospects for Bill's political aspirations. She recently appeared as a DC lobbyist. Perhaps Senator Henrickson will indeed be taking center stage.

The plan actually is to slow things down a bit in the fifth season. Things haven't exactly been mellow for the big family the past several years. Series creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer want to take some time to focus on how the three marriages are going; really get into Bill's relationships with his wives. With characters as diverse and richly developed as Big Love offers, I have no fears the drama will be just as compelling without a lot of outside drama coming in.