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HBO's The Newsroom Trailer #3: Under Pressure

With each new look at HBO's upcoming new series The Newsroom, I find myself more anxious to get a look at the Aaron Sorkin created drama. Anxiety actually seems to be the theme of the third trailer for the show, which HBO just released. Check it out ahead!

Created by Sorkin, The Newsroom stars Jeff Daniels as Will, the anchor of a news channel who - from what we've seen in the trailers - may have reached his breaking point. The first trailer released gave us a pretty good idea of where the story picks up, as we see Daniels' character lose his patience when addressing a bunch of college students, the video of which goes viral. While it seems like the character is on the verge of a big change in his life with regards to his career, it looks like a big focus of the story will be on the inner workings of the news channel and the people who work with Will.

The second trailer released seemed to focus on the way TV news is changing. And this latest one emphasizes the stress Will is under and the pressure that's on him…

Anxious is the tone of the trailer, which begins with a lot of shots of the back of Daniels' head and everyone telling him things about him. There also appears to be a therapy element. Is that David Krumholtz he's talking to there? I'm curious to know what he's talking about when he says he's tired of people telling him it's a "just get over it" situation. What is it that happened four years ago?

There's definitely a stressful vibe to the trailer, which could be an indication of the kind of intense pacing this series might offer. This is a show about a character under a lot of stress.

The Newsroom premieres Sunday, June 24 on HBO.