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HBO is teaming up with Scott Rudin again; this time for a series based on film that only just premiered at Sundance this weekend. Indie Game: The Movie is a documentary which focuses on independent video game designers who aren’t willing to sell out and work for the big developers. It follows their efforts to make the big time in the highly competitive gaming world while doing it their own way. It may not have quite the romance of an indie filmmaker or band, but these game designers are apparently interesting enough to warrant a series.

HBO and Rudin have picked up remake rights to the film and plan to turn it into a half-hour comedy series, which will be fictional. Although the description of the documentary offered by Deadline, which reported the news today doesn’t really sound much like a comedy, there’s definitely some possibilities there. Video game designers may well be the future of geek comedy, and there’s definitely enough of a gamer market out there. If you can pull them away from the games to watch the show, that is.

Rudin has several other big projects in the works with the pay cable network; he’s working on The Newsroomwith Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin, starring Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer. He’s also working with Noah Baumbach on The Corrections, a series based on the Jonathan Franzen novel, which has already tapped Ewan MacGregor and Dianne Wiest among others to star, and has Maggie Gyllenhall in talks as well.