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One of the many reasons I love CBS’s How I Met Your Mother is because the series always delivers the goods. Take the mysterious “goat story.” We were introduced to this story towards the end of last season and we know it has something to do with Ted’s 31st birthday. I have no doubt that come spring of 2009, we’ll find out what that’s all about. In fact, during last night’s “Naked Man” episode, we got a little reminder of it during a string of flashbacks (and flash-forwards). The goat-memory included the date: May 8, 2009. Almost as though HIMYM was telling us, “Don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten. It’s coming…”

Also during last night’s episode, (though completely unrelated to the goat), Lily, with the help of the rest of the gang, spent a good portion of the time comprising a list of reasons to have sex. Given our experience with the show, if you’re one to visit CBS.com to check out the How I Met Your Mother page, we should have expected that the full list of all 50 reasons would be posted and sure enough, it is!

If you’re familiar enough with the characters, it’s probably not that difficult to guess who contributed certain reasons. Take #43: “Because he said he loves you and you’re not ready to say it back yet”. That sounds like Robin to me. Whereas #41: “Because she looks like your superhot cousin and this is the closest it’ll ever get to being okay.” has Barney’s name all over it.

Below is the list full list as posted on the HIMYM website.

How I Met Your Mother airs on Monday nights at 8:30 PM ET on CBS.