After Lindsay Lohan’s critically panned turn as legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor, which actress has the guts to take on the role next? Helena Bonham Carter, apparently, and unsurprisingly, she’ll take on the role for the BBC. The Les Miserables actress will be slipping into Liz’s diamonds for a biopic opposite Dominic West as Richard Burton.

After the huge buzz generated by Lohan’s attempt at the role ended with almost universally bad reviews, the BBC has stepped up to take their turn at bat. Like the Lifetime version (in which Grant Bowler played Burton to Lohan’s Taylor), the BBC’s movie will also focus on the tempestuous relationship between the two stars. It’s a different look, however. Deadline says the 90-minute movie, titled Burton & Taylor, will look at the 1983 stage performance of Noel Coward’s Private Lives, a play which Burton and Taylor starred in together for a dismal 63-performance run on Broadway.

Helena Bonham Carter is an interesting choice for the role. It’s not that she doesn’t have the acting chops to play Taylor, but mainly that it’s hard to separate her from the roles for which we know her best: crazed dark witch Bellatrix LeStrange in the Harry Potter movies, crazed girlfriend of Tyler Durden in Fight Club, trashy, money-grubbing, mildly crazed innkeeper in Les Miserables, and multiple quirky (and again, kind of crazed) characters in Tim Burton’s films. On the other hand, that might be just the reason she could be perfect to play Liz Taylor, who had a few crazy moments of her own, and she’s by a long shot a better choice than Lindsay Lohan ever was.

Dominic West, who is best known to TV viewers for The Wire, most recently appeared on TV in The Hour. Perhaps a little unfairly, he won’t face nearly the scrutiny for taking on the role of Burton that any female does when playing Liz, but Taylor is without a doubt the bigger legend of the two.

There’s no word on an air date for the movie or what our odds are of seeing it anytime soon here in the U.S., but we’ll keep you posted.

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