Hemlock Grove's Red Band Trailer Teases Sex, Drugs, Claws And Lesbian Necrophilia

Contains adult content. Viewer discretion advised.

Sex, drugs, blood and claws are just a few things the nearly-two-minute red-band trailer for Netflix's Hemlock Grove has to offer. With the premiere of the first season of this dark and scary looking new series just days away, Netflix is clearly pulling out all the stops, showing us what Eli Roth's new drama has to offer in the way of content for mature audiences. The red band warning for this trailer lays out the offerings for "mature audiences" with a warning that specifies "mild fornication, fellatio, heavy cocaine use, lesbian necrophilia and violent hemorrhaging." Viewer discretion is most definitely advised.

Created by Eli Roth and based on Brian McGreevy's novel, Hemlock Grove is set in a steel town in Pennsylvania where the mangled body of a teenage girl is found. During the investigation of the girl's death, rumors begin to surface about some of the residents of the town, who may be suspects. That includes the rich Godfrey family, and the new gypsy family that just moved into town. The cast for this dark new series includes Famke Janssen, who plays Olivia Godfrey and Bill Skarsgard who plays Roman Godfrey. Landon Libiron plays Peter Rumancek and Penelope Mitchell plays Letha Godfrey.

The above trailer gives us a grittier look at this exciting looking new series, with glimpses of horror, including maggots (yuck!), not to mention the warned "lesbian necrophilia," which is presumably the sight of a girl kissing what appears to be a dead female body. This new trailer follows the previously released trailer, and more recently, a chilling clip, which shows the intense werewolf transformation. There have also been a number of other trailers, which give us a better look at the characters. All episodes of this new series will be available on Netflix this Friday, April 19.

Kelly West
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