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Those hoping for the opportunity to own the first season on Netflix's original series House of Cards should have the opportunity to do so in June. No official announcement on the series' home video release has been made, but the first season is now available to pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD, with the release date listed as June 11.

Deadline shared word today that Amazon is now offering House of Cards for pre-order. Executive produced by David Fincher, House of Cards is developed by Beau Willimon, based on a BBC miniseries and a novel by Michael Dobbs. It stars Kevin Spacey as a determined and occasionally ruthless politician who's determined to make his way to the top, using the system and the strengths and weaknesses of his peers along the way.

Netflix made the full first season available to its streaming subscribers on February 1. While those who still haven't seen it are free to do so on Netflix, those who either don't have a Netflix subscription or would prefer to own a hard copy of the series can preorder the DVD and Blu-ray at Amazon. The Blu-ray's not much more than the DVD, as Amazon has the price set at $52.99 (that includes a 20% discount from the $65.99 list price) for the Blu-ray and $44.99 (list price $55.99) for the DVD.

It looks like they're using premium cable (or more specifically HBO) as their price model for this set. True Blood Season 5 is actually looking like a bargain by comparison, at "only" $39.99 (list price 59.99) on DVD. And much in the way HBO subscribers can access True Blood via HBO Go if they want to, Netflix subscribers - as mentioned - can still access House of Cards for the cost of $7.99 a month.

Without an official announcement, we don't know what the DVD and Blu-ray will offer in the way of bonus features, and that might make some of the difference. If the set offers featurettes and commentaries, those who really loved the first season might be inclined to shell out the bucks to add the set to their shelf.