How The Good Wife Hinted At Kalinda's Exit

The Good Wife has been cooking up intricate plotlines all season, with Cary facing jail time, the new firm shoring up new office space and Alicia running for state’s attorney. However, central to the story is how Kalinda will be exiting. We’ve known for some time that Archie Panjabi will be moving on to greener pastures at the end of Season 6. However, tonight’s episode gave us some big hints as to where Kalinda might be headed at the end of the series.

We’re used to CBS’ The Good Wife focusing on Alicia. She is, after all the titular character on the series, but tonight’s episode instead focused on the Cary conundrum. This evening offered one final shot for Diane and Kalinda to keep Cary out of jail, and come hell or high water, they were prepared to do whatever it took to keep from having to wear that awful orange jumpsuit for an extended period of time. In the process, Kalinda made a deal with Lemond Bishop to take a call for him down the road, in exchange for giving Cary help on the inside.

It turned out to be one of several problems that The Good Wife actress encountered during the episode. Not only has she been compelled to work with crime lord Lemond Bishop in an upcoming episode, she may have made more trouble for herself during the attempt to get Cary off. You see, Kalinda actually went in and hacked some emails in order to make it look like a member of the prosecution had opened an email related to Cary’s case that had, in fact, gone straight into his spam. Theoretically, Kalinda could be the next person to land in the jumpsuit.

Fans of Panjabi should be pleased to learn that the actress has big plans ahead of her. In October, she signed an overall development deal with Twentieth Century Fox. Under that deal, she’s working on a drama pilot that she would star in if it moves forward to series. The currently untitled drama pilot is expected to get underway this spring. While Panjabi has all of these big plans ahead of her, she will be sticking around on The Good Wife until the end of Season 6, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the very last episode of Season 6. And while she has once again pursued a dangerous tango with Lemond Bishop, I’m hopeful that the series won’t go the same route the drama chose to go with Josh Charles’ Will Gardner in the second half of the season last year.

She’s been talking about quitting the firm for months, and hopefully we’ll see the character slip away from the firm, Chicago and all of the Lemond Bishop problems she’s had over the last several months. Seeing the elusive Kalinda make her escape would certainly feel more fitting than some of the alternatives.

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Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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