How Gotham Season 2 Will Be Different

Fox’s Gotham introduced us to the home of the city of the man who will be Batman. While we ran across a number of odd characters, Season 1 was mostly dedicated to a fairly traditional urban crime story. Mobsters, corrupt cops, corrupt political officials, and the handful of good people trying to survive it all and fight against it. Season 2 is getting ready for major shift however. The villains are coming.

San Diego Comic-Con had a panel dedicated to Fox dramas and TVLine has the info on the Gotham portion of the show. According to showrunner Bruno Heller Gotham will begin to “decline into chaos” as more people begin to feel power inside them and don’t feel obligated to use that power morally. Of course at the top of that food chain will stand The Penguin, who spent Season 1 successfully executing a plan to go from the lieutenant of a lieutenant to the mob boss of Gotham City. According to Robin Lord Taylor, it looks like he may have some challengers to his throne in Season 2 but Penguin is ready for the fight.

To balance the new villains Ben Mckenzie, who plays Jim Gordon, said new heroes will be introduced as well. While he didn’t go into detail, we would expect the additional heroes to be of “good cop” variety rather than the masked vigilante type. Though at least one vigilante might be a good idea, Batman needs to get inspiration from somewhere. We know we’ll be seeing more of Harvey Dent in Season 2 so he will likely become part of the regular crew of heroes trying to take down all the crazy people running around.

While we know a lot about the villains we will see in Season 2, we’ve already heard that Clayface and The Mad Hatter as well as Mr. Freeze and Tigress will be making appearances. However, we haven’t heard much about any casting for new Gotham PD detectives or other potential heroes, so we’ll have to wait and see who will be joining the battle on the side of the good guys. Since we do have Gordon, Dent, Bullock, Montoya, and Dr. Tompkins on board we already have a lot of Batman’s non-costumed colleagues on board. Let us know who we’re missing and who you’d like to see join Gotham in the comments.

Of course there is one potential “new” hero that we can’t ignore in Gotham City. While we don’t expect to see a 14-year-old Batman on the streets beating up bad guys, we do expect Bruce Wayne to take a more active role in trying to fix the city. We know he’ll begin to create his dual personality next season which will likely allow him to get close to the movers and shakers in Gotham, who are likely all bad guys who need to be taken down. Bruce and Alfred will apparently build a relationship of “mutual respect and understanding” in Season 2 so we figure the duo will be doing whatever they can to help clean up Gotham.

Dirk Libbey
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