How Has Denzel Washington Not Hosted Saturday Night Live Yet?

While he has a reputation for being a dramatic ass kicker in the more recent years of his career, Denzel Washington wasn't always a silver screen angel of vengeance. In fact, one of his first breakout roles was that of Dr. Philip Chandler, a heartbreaking member of the medical staff on St. Elsewhere. Despite moving on to films and not looking back, it does sound like there's a TV gig that Washington is set on scoring in the near future: the host spot on Saturday Night Live.

During his Reddit AMA from Friday afternoon, a particularly enthusiastic fan asked a question that should have been asked way back in the mid 90's – early 00's era of SNL: why hasn't Denzel Washington hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live? Not only did he seem excited that the question was asked, but the Academy Award winning actor's remarks on the subject actually sound like he'd do it if asked...

I need to do that! It's not too late! They're still on right? … Call NBC and tell them Denzel needs to host!

If the internet were to make this happen, it wouldn't be the first time that the Facebooking masses were successful in naming a Saturday Night Live host. This same sort of grass roots/viral campaign is what helped Betty White secure her entertaining (and Emmy Award winning) stint as host back in 2010. The fact that there isn't a Facebook page dedicated to this very pursuit already in operation is a failure on the internet's part.

Denzel Washington's presence on Saturday Night Live could only serve to draw viewers back to Lorne Michaels' pride and joy, even if it's just for one night only, and there's plenty of sketch ideas that could be deployed effectively. Also, even though it's been over a decade since its release, a tastefully topical spin on Detective Alonzo Harris from Training Day could be a show-stopper.

If all else fails, he'd at least make a great guest to throw into a random installment of “What's Up With That?” Best of all, Jay Pharoah's impression of Washington could lead to a classic “inspiration derails the impression” moment that SNL has seen happen quite a few times in its history. With Pharoah's mimicry being a spot on match for Denzel Washington's mannerisms, as well as his voice (as seen below,) it'd be a hell of a “Weekend Update” segment seeing an all Denzel Washington Point/Counterpoint.

Oh, and if you're looking for a musical act to pair Denzel Washington's prospective Saturday Night Live hosting gig with, might I suggest Eminem? As it turns out, Washington is a big fan of his music, and even dropped his name a couple times throughout the session. In the meantime, you can read Denzel Washington's AMA here. As for Saturday Night Live, it will be starting its 40th season on September 27th. You heard the man, NBC! Get Denzel Washington to host during your 40th season... or he might just equalize you.

Mike Reyes
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