How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Finale Spoiler Photos: Two Big Occasions

Even before I looked at the photos from the Season 7 finale of How I Met Your Mother, I found myself intrigued by the title. We know Barney lives firmly by the "Bro Code," but how does that mix with "The Magician's Code"? Big things are ahead for the HIMYM gang as yet another season draws to a close. As there are still a couple of episodes left between now and the finale, consider yourselves especially spoiler warned!

"The Magician's Code" is the second of two episodes that will air on Monday, May 14, closing out the seventh season of How I Met Your Mother. There are some awkward delays between now and then, though as the next new episode doesn't air until next Monday (April 30). Then the two-week gap, then two episodes back-to-back.

Lily and Marshall having a baby isn't a huge spoiler. Lily's been pregnant all season, after all. But it looks like the finale will feature the birth of Lily and Marshall's child! The photos below show us what looks like Lily in labor, and then Lily in the hospital preparing to give birth! We also get a peek of a very excited looking Marshall.

I'm theorizing that Marshall may almost miss the birth of his child. Or at least, he shows up late. Going by the photos, he only appears in the post-birth pictures. During the labor scenes, Lily's dad is by her side. To further that theory, we also have this photo from "Good Crazy" (airing April 30), in which Barney takes Marshall on a road-trip as a getaway before the baby is born...

Marshall's wearing that weird "Marshall & Steph 4-eva" shirt in this photo, and we see him wearing it in one of the above pics as well. So I'm guessing, he ends up having to rush from the road trip to the hospital, where he may or may not arrive in time to see his child born. The fact that Marshall's shown in a hospital gown makes me think he'll get there in time.

The baby's arrival isn't the only big event, apparently. There's also the matter of Barney's wedding. Who is he getting married to? We'll have to wait to find out…

If it's coming down to Quinn or Robin as Barney's bride, I'm not sure who I want it to be. On one hand, I love Becki Newton's character Quinn, and she feels like the perfect fit for Barney as he is now. On the other hand, Robin might be the better match for Barney, assuming he ever out-grows some of his more adolescent tendencies. I can't say I love the idea of that happening though, so I think I might be leaning more toward Quinn. Or maybe the big jaw-dropper of an ending will reveal that it's neither, Robin nor Quinn, and the bride is actually someone new…

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