This Is How Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Going To Look On Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is headed into its 10th season in just a couple of weeks. As a long-running procedural, the series has gone through plenty of casting changes over the years, but this year’s addition has been one of the shows most prominent. Former teen actress and sex symbol Jennifer Love Hewitt is headed to the BAU and she’s got the professional wardrobe and haircut to prove it. Check out her new look, below.


Hewitt is set to play FBI Agent Kate Callahan on Criminal Minds. Her character will join the BAU, replacing Dr. Alex Blake, who left the drama at the end of Season 9. Callahan will pop up on the first episode of Season 10, called “X,” during which the crew will head to Bakersfield, California to investigate a string of murders that have left behind victims the police are unable to identify. Hewitt’s character is described as a “seasoned” FBI agent, and hopefully her character will find a niche quickly without dealing with the growing pains some of the other newbies have had to go through.

For most of her career, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been known for her sex appeal. In the 90s, she became famous on Party of Five and later became the hot chick heroine in I Know What You Did Last Summer. She most recently starred in The Client List, playing an employee of a day spa who quickly learned that she could make extra money to support her family by providing sexual services. She's made a career out of her attractive curves as much as her acting skills. Which is why the Criminal Minds gig is such a surprise. In the drama, Hewitt is playing a demurely dressed character and a brilliant mind who is expected to be taken seriously. While she was a hard worker in The Client List, the role on Criminal Minds is a totally different sort of gig.

While Hewitt is new, the rest of the cast is back and ready to save some lives. It wouldn’t be a new season of Criminal Minds without a wild outfit from Penelope. Another brand new photo released by CBS highlights her bold and colorful outfit, as well as the team assembling for a brand new investigation.


As amusing as Penelope's outfits are, nothing is quite as entertaining as watching Hotch get his serious face on. Feel free to check out a few more images from the premiere in the gallery, below.


We’ll find out how Hewitt fits in with the gang when Criminal Minds returns to CBS’ schedule next month. While fall TV premieres will be steadily rolling out over the next several weeks, Criminal Minds won’t hit the schedule until October 1 at 9 p.m. ET. You can take a look at the rest of the fall TV premiere schedule, here.

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