How Legends of Tomorrow Will Remind You Of Star Trek, According To The Showrunner

Fans of The CW series’ Arrow and The Flash are in for a treat tonight when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow premieres. The new show will feature new characters, but mostly it contains an amalgam of previously established comics characters (heroes and villains) from either of those shows. So, we might feel like we know everything the show has to offer, but, apparently, showrunner Phil Klemmer thinks we were wrong. their down time they're living on a space ship together. So it is like the crew of Star Trek where they have to exist. There's no enemies on the Waverider except for each other...Then to me the story becomes about a dysfunctional family because people aren't using their powers...That's when you get that sort of the underlying pathology of "What made you a hero?" or "What made you a villain?"'s not like they're black hats and white hats. We're watching people evolve...they're rubbing off on each other, and to me that's super fun

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Phil Klemmer gave us all some new insights on what we can expect on the dynamic between the combined crew of heroes and villains on the show.

With the exception of some of the Legends of Tomorrow team being bad guys when we first meet them, the way Phil Klemmer describes the show, it does sound remarkably like Star Trek. In case you’re not up to speed on your DC comics on The CW shows, Legends of Tomorrow focuses on time traveler Rip Hunter and a team of heroes and villains he assembles to help fight the immortal, badass supervillain Vandal Savage. Since Savage has been alive for thousands upon thousands of years, the Legends crew will travel through time trying to thwart his attempts to bring humanity to its knees.

The basis of any iteration of Star Trek show is a that a bunch of talented people live on a spaceship (or space station, hello Deep Space Nine fans) and travel the universe having adventures and trying to do good. From what we’ve seen of Legends so far, this sounds a lot like the new show.

And, of course the relationships will be “dysfunctional.” The mere idea of putting together a team made of dedicated heroes and villains is pretty revolutionary, but the idea of making them live together like it’s some freaky reality show? That’s the stuff that could easily make comic book fans dreams come true. It’s also interesting that they will, eventually, start to rub off on each other, and I happen to hope that’s for the good and (just a little bit) for the bad. After all, if a hero is always a goody-two-shoes, he can end up being pretty boring.

Well, as someone who loves DC on The CW and Star Trek, I’m even more intrigued to see how they combine in Legends of Tomorrow.

Adrienne Jones
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