After what I’m referring to as Ye Olde Arrow Debacle last week, it’s clear we just can’t trust anyone these days. Have no fears this week, however, as each of these releases has been verified and enjoyed, with only traces of faulty Netflix press releases. And when you're done with this selection, a couple of other notable options coming out this week are Bones Season 9, ABC Family’s The Fosters Season 2 and the supernatural BBC teen drama Wolfblood, all on Netflix. Otherwise, it’s Jess all day.

”new Call it “humping the shark,” but Season 3 of Fox’s hit comedy New Girl went down the wrong road by sticking Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) together in a relationship for almost the entire thing. I mean, they had problems the entire damned time they were dating, so where’s the joy in watching that? Thankfully, everything surrounding that fiasco was pretty great, with writing that never loses its one-liner-heavy focus. Damon Wayans, Jr. becomes a major part of the cast, and a whole host of guest stars show up to make everyone’s lives more troublesome, including Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner, reprising their roles as Jess’ parents. Linda Cardellini has a stint as Jess’ sister and Schmidt’s temporary lover Abby, and this season marks the first ever TV sitcom appearance of the legendary Prince, for an episode that played after the Super Bowl. Season 4 of New Girl premiered this past week, and you can find current episodes on Hulu.

All three seasons of New Girl are currently available on Netflix Instant.

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