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Watching The X-Files will teach you one very important thing: the truth is out there. Actually, the truth and more X-Files are out there. Some weird things have been occurring online lately, and it's the sort of thing that would get a true X-Files fan incredibly intrigued. For fans that have kept up with the recent X-Files with revival, the latest episode of the iconic series has just leaked on Hulu – days prior to its intended airdate.

According to IBT, on Friday the upcoming episode of The X-Files mysteriously made its way onto Hulu for audiences to freely watch. This occurred despite the fact that the episode has not yet aired, and is due to premiere on FOX this coming Monday. Excitement over the bizarre occurrence reached a fever pitch when The X-Files News Official Twitter page got its hands on the news and blasted it out over the Internet so fans all over the world could know that the show had become available days prior to its intended airtime.

Before you get all excited and jet over to Hulu in order to watch the episode, we have to say that the episode has since been taken down and will air at its official time on Monday on FOX. We have yet to get any concrete numbers regarding how many fans were able to watch the episode before it was taken down off of the website. However, we have to imagine that fans of Scully and Mulder are passionate enough that a fair number of them managed to see the episode, although the initial IBT report did suggest that many fans denied themselves the early viewing because they enjoy watching the series on their TV sets.

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to see “Babylon” while it was on Hulu, here’s a promo for the upcoming episode:

Considering all of the mysterious and shady things that have occurred during the entire run of The X-Files, we can think of no better series to have this sort of fiasco happen to. We will keep you posted regarding all of the latest and greatest X-Files news as it becomes available to us. The six-episode event will air its fifth episode this Monday on FOX.