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Hulu might have a little genius in it. Despite not having football coverage, the streaming service still wants to get into the Super Bowl spirit, and has devised a way to do so through AdZone, an interactive service with Internet and mobile access that allows fans to relive their favorite Super Bowl commercials over and over again.

Hulu’s AdZone for Super Bowl XLVII will kick off on February 3, during the night of the big game. Ads will be available in live time and fans can watch their favorite commercial moments and share them on social networks. To bring an interactive component to it, fans can even vote for their favorites and, following the big game, Hulu will announce the best commercial, the best celebrity cameos, and more, as chosen by the viewers. Hulu’s AdZone is available as a special page on the site and is even available via mobile devices.

Currently, last year’s Super Bowl ads are posted on the site, so if you feel like reliving some of your favorites, it’s easy and convenient. Even if you are the type of person who prefers to watch the Super Bowl over hassling with the ads, it’s actually a great idea to lump all of the commercials together so fans can just toggle through and find the ads they want, rather than searching through multiple sites on the Internet. Some audiences may not really want to relive Super Bowl ads, which I totally get, but with Amy Poehler and other cameos popping up this year, the rest of us can still seek out the ones we enjoyed.

Now, excuse me while I indulge in last year’s M&M’s commercial.

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