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Inventors Are Getting Their Own Reality Show, Get The Details

Doc Brown would be so jealous. Finally a reality program that would show off his talents and make his DeLorean time machine a reality! SyFy Network is doubling down on their new Silicon Valley based show looking for the next big idea in tech start ups. Hot on the heels of HBO’s hit Emmy nominated comedy Silicon Valley, the new show, aptly titled The Bazillion Dollar Club is going to be a cutthroat look at today’s power hungry neophytes looking for major funding to launch their billion dollar brainchild. Think Shark Tank on steroids with a healthy dose of Survivor mixed in for good measure. The show will be guided by tech gurus Dave McClure and Brady Forrest; two tech gurus with some seriously deep pockets ready to invest in the next big thing.

The unscripted show will attempt to capture the excitement of bringing a new product to market and the drama that comes with that high stress job. The Hollywood Reporter says the unscripted series will give visionaries a chance to realize their dreams on the biggest stage possible in a dogfight for supremacy of the tech world. One thing is for sure, the competition is going to be fierce with hungry dreamers and possible future icons vying for every available dollar. A great primer for the new contest show is to binge watch the first season of the aforementioned Silicon Valley.

The new show with the catchy title is booked for a six-episode run and is set to debut on SyFy sometime in 2015. With McClure and Forrest in tow, the contestants will have access to some serious venture capital cash that can be a coups for a struggling startup. The key is that both billionaire’s behind the curtain mentor startups and if they like your idea, well, its like writing your own ticket. The spots on the show are sure to be hotly contested and the stakes will be higher than most reality “contest” shows. This is the real deal with real dollars at stake. One smart move and you could have the next Facebook on your hands if it is played right. Hopefully the producers will amp up the whole game aspect of the new show.

One thing is for certain, tech is hot right now. Fans want to see what the next big thing is and watch a company grow from its infancy to a real contender. These zero to hero tech stories have become the Rocky’s of the 21st century. Dreamers willing to take a shot with everything they’ve got in the name of making the world a bigger and better place. The Bazillion Dollar Club sounds like it is going to be a real life version of Revenge of the Nerds! And everybody loves an underdog.

The future looks bright for the Bazillion Dollar Club and its slick hybrid concept is ideal to relate to reality junkies as well as techies. Plus their is the prospect of seeing a new, revolutionary product or service that may come to fruition. Add all of that up and the sci-fi futuristic nature of the program and you may have ratings gold for these burgeoning inventors.