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You're The Worst Has Been Renewed For Season 3

Romance is not dead, people! It’s fairly awkward and problematic sometimes, but it’s still alive, now that the stellar comedy series You’re the Worst has been renewed for Season 3 by FXX. Celebrate with butt stuff and whatever illicit substances you happen to have lying around.

This renewal means that You’re the Worst will get its second year on the spinoff network, as Season 1 was aired on FX proper. And it also means that we can continue having booze-filled Sunday Fundays with all of our best friends without anyone judging us. I mean, maybe they’ll judge us, but we’ll be too buzzed to care, right along with Chris Geere’s Jimmy and Aya Cash’s Gretchen. Brandon Mychal Smith’s Sam is welcome, too.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, You’re the Worst probably wouldn’t have much of a shot on many other networks besides FXX. Its ratings weren’t all that great on FX – it never reached an 800,000-strong audience – and they’ve been even worse on FXX, where less than 300,000 people have been watching on a weekly basis. But just because not a lot of people are tuning in doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be, since the show has pretty much earned universal praise from everyone across the Internet, and possibly even people who aren’t on the Internet. (I can’t imagine this show is big with great-grandmothers, though, since it’s pretty raunchy.)

Just take a peek at what was happening in tonight’s episode.

You’re the Worst creator Stephen Falk has signed on for a multi-year overall deal with FX, which means we could possibly be seeing even more seasons of the show in the future. Knowing how complicated the relationship can get between Jimmy and Gretchen, as well as some of the other characters, there’s more than enough story to go around. Plus, Falk will probably get some more series off the ground for the pair of networks, so we’ll get to see his sense of humor on full display for years.

FX and FXX continue to build their comedic slate, even while shows like Married and the currently-airing The League aren’t getting any more seasons. (At least not yet.) But we’ve still got greatness like It’s Always Sunny in Philaelphia, Archer and Man Seeking Woman to laugh at for years to come, hopefully.

With one episode left (after tonight) in Season 2, You’re the Worst airs on FXX on Wednesday nights. Tell your friends.

Nick Venable

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