It Takes How Many Cheeseburgers To Film Those Sexy Carl's Jr. Commercials?

You know the Carl’s Jr. / Hardees commercials that feature laviscious ladies who always seem pretty excited about consuming a high calorie cheeseburger? Well, the women who are paid to star in those commercials often get more than they bargained for. Katherine Webb, a young woman who rose to fame after broadcasters kept talking about how hot she was on air, recently revealed that the nighttime shoot for her Carl’s Jr. commercial wasn’t all fun and games.

She says that in order to film the commercial, she spent hours on set. She also recently told USA Today that a long shoot equates to a lot of cheeseburgers. In facts, she had to take bites out of more than 3 dozen cheeseburgers while shooting the short commercial.

“I bit into 40 cold burgers in one night from about midnight until five or six in the morning. That was great.”

If you didn’t already guess, that last line was sarcasm, but seriously, 40! She had to bite into 40 of those suckers, and she also mentions that they were cold. That’s pretty gross. No, it’s really gross. There are few women who would dare to eat one Carl’s Jr. monster burger, much less bite in to 40. And they were Buffalo Blue Cheese Burgers, to boot. On the bright side, I guess she was paid for it, and luckily, you can’t tell at all how disgusting the experience was in the final product. In fact, she really, really looks like she is enjoying every bit of that blue cheese monstrosity.

The commercial may have been hard for Webb to shoot thanks to the late night shoot and all the cold burgers bites she had to take, but I’d say it’s not a bad gig for a lady who made a name for herself back in 2012 while dating then Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. At the time, she became part of a controversy after ESPN forced commenter Brent Musburger to apologize for calling her beautiful on air. She handled the whole thing lightly, and then ended up landing the Carl’s Jr. commercial for her troubles. I’d call that a win. The commercial, which first aired last year, even references the entire ESPN debacle, to boot.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the commercial. Note that she doesn’t seem too bent out of shape about eating the burgers at the time.

I guess that’s probably the type of thing you regret the next day, anyway.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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