Jamie Dornan Brings Back His Creepy Side For The Fall Season 2's Chilling Teaser

Last week was a big week for Jamie Dornan, not only because the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer finally debuted, showing off the actor's mesmerizing stare, but also because BBC Two released the above teaser for The Fall, which reminds us of Dornan's darker, creepier side. Dornan trades mesmerizing for eerily menacing as he looks down at the body of Gillian Anderson's Stella Gibson.

In the video, Stella is laying in bed, surrounded by photos of the victims of serial killer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan). For a moment, we're made to wonder if she's laying there dead. Paul does seem to like to put his victims to bed when he's done with them, doesn't he? But no, this is just a teaser, and Stella is alive. The video does seem to indicate that Paul has his sights on Stella now. Will Series 2 of this dark and compelling drama put Stella in direct danger of the killer she's hunting?

As Paul Spector, Jamie Dornan practices an unnerving dead-stare as he watches Stella in that bed. It reminds us that this is a man with very dark intentions. And that Stella may be vulnerable to them, whether she realizes it or not.

BBC Two still hasn't mentioned a premiere date for the series overseas, but the teaser does say "A killer with reach. The Fall Returns Soon."

Created by Allan Cubitt and set in Northern Ireland, The Fall's first season consists of five episodes, which aired on BBC Two last year and is available streaming in the U.S. on Netflix. Rather than staging itself as a murder mystery, The Fall reveals whodunnit -- or who's doing it -- up front and splits its focus on Stella's investigation and Spector's hunt for his next victim and efforts to manage his job as a grief counselor and keep his dark secret from his wife and the police.

The Fall was renewed for a second season last year, and fans have been waiting for the series to return ever since. Since then, star Jamie Dornan took the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. (Check out the trailer for that here.) As for The Fall, filming resumed on Season 2 in Belfast back in March. Hopefully this teaser is an indication that a premiere date is going to be lined up soon... and then we can start wondering when the series will return for Season 2 stateside.

Kelly West
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