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Jennifer Morrison To Return To House For Series Finale

Since her days of playing Dr. Allison Cameron on Fox's House, actress Jennifer Morrison has gone on to appear in various films, and dabble in shows on other networks, including a recurring part on CBS' How I Met Your Mother, and more recently, a starring role in ABC's storybook drama Once Upon a Time. But with House wrapping up, many have wondered about and hoped to hear word that Morrison might return to Princeton-Plainsboro at some point. There's good news. Word is, it's happening.

TVLine posted the news, stating up front that Fox hasn't commented on the matter, their sources say Morrison recently shot a cameo for the House Finale. Crossing network lines wasn't an issue, apparently, as the site reports that ABC Ok'ed the appearance. Cameron's last appearance on House was in Season 6 when she returned to finalize her divorce with Chase. It'll be interesting to learn the context of her reappearance in the finale.

Morrison isn't the only former House star set to return to the series finale, which is morbidly titled "Everybody Dies." Olivia Wilde, who played Thirteen and Amber Tamblyn (Masters) are also both reportedly set to show their faces in the episode. As is Kal Penn, which calls to question the episode title, since his character is no longer among the living. If they're bringing deceased characters back, is there any chance we might see Anne Dudek's Amber Volakis in the finale? Regardless, Morrison's appearance is certainly good news, given that she's one of the core characters from the series' earlier years.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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