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The untitled pilot, formerly known as Ex-men and otherwise known as Rob Greenberg’s pilot at CBS, has finally gotten its main ducks all in a row. Over the past few months, the pilot has signed on a ton of notable names to its half-hour comedy, and now, to round out the cast, Jerry O’Connell has signed on as one of the leads in the pilot.

O’Connell will join the single-camera comedy as Stuart, a man with a successful business, but a far less successful personal life. According to Deadline, Stuart is an ob/gyn living in a small rental unit after a divorce, and it’s worth noting that this divorce will be #2 for the good doctor.

O’Connell joins several men already cast in Greenberg’s comedy, including star Chris Smith, who will join the rental unit and will earn words of wisdom about relationships from his more experienced neighbors. Joining O’Connell in providing wisdom to Smith’s character is Tony Shaloub as Frank, a man who has been married and divorced four times and Kal Penn as Gil, a man kicked out of his home after being caught in a bad affair.

Back in July, the untitled pilot was the first CBS ordered of the season, but despite the early start, shooting on the pilot will not begin until next month. TV Blend will keep you posted if this one makes it to series, and with the big names involved and the early interest in the pilot, I’ll go ahead and state the untitled comedy has a pretty good shot, at least if it gets its title issue in order.