Jimmy Fallon Combines Tim Tebow And David Bowie For A Song

While Saturday Night Live took a few shots at Tim Tebow a few weeks back in a sketch that poked fun of the football player’s religious enthusiasm and it looks like Jimmy Fallon took a similar approach in a musical number he performed on Late Night last night. Check it out ahead.

SNL got the attention of televangelist Pat Robertson last month over a sketch in which Jason Sudeikis portrayed Jesus and acted put off by Tebow’s overzealous Christian nature. The video below, aims for a similar joke as Late Night talk show host Jimmy Fallon uses his musical talents to combine Tim Tebow and David Bowie for a modified version of “Space Oddity.”

See Tim Tebow and David Bowie “together as one” as TeBowie below...

“Come on, everyone Tebow...”

Kelly West
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