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NBC’s freshman comedy, The New Normal, is currently on break, but when the show returns from the holiday hiatus, it has big plans to add two more handsome men to its already overly handsome roster. All My Children’s Mark Consuelos (who also happens to be Kelly Ripa’s hubby) and ER’s John Stamos (who happens to have some fine hair) will be joining The New Normal in guest starring roles.

To make the eye candy that much sweeter, the two gentlemen will be appearing in the same episode, but in very different roles. Called “Gaydar,” the episode will focus on John Stamos as Grandma Jane’s co-worker, whom she believes is a gay man. According to Entertainment Weekly, meanwhile, Bryan is busy with Sing--his show that happens to pretty much be a carbon copy of Glee, hello cute little sideplots from Ryan Murphy. Anyway, I digress, and to get to the point, Consuelos will pop up in the series as an employee on the Sing set and Rocky will find herself having the hots for the man.

Both Consuelos and Stamos join a growing list of guest stars in Season 1 of The New Normal. Socialite Nicole Richie and recent Celebrity Apprentice contestant George Takei signed on earlier this season, and White Collar’s Matt Bomer—yet another handsome lad—is set to guest star in an episode in 2013. Generally Ryan Murphy likes to reuse guest stars in different roles across his multiple TV shows, and like Bomer, Consuelos and Stamos have popped up in Murphy’s projects in the past, with Stamos appearing on Glee and Consuelos popping up in American Horror Story.

NBC’s The New Normal returns to the schedule on January 8 at 9:30 p.m. ET.