Judd Apatow And Lena Dunham Invite You To The Set Of HBO's Girls

One of the most exciting new shows coming to HBO is Girls. For those unfamiliar with Lena Dunham, ("the voice of a generation, well, a voice of a generation") she's the writer-director behind Tiny Furniture as well as the actress, well, in front in of it. The film was so well received that for it's home video release (on February 14) it headed straight for the prestigious Criterion Collection. Now Dunham is set to make her television debut with Girls, a new half-hour comedy for HBO that premieres this spring.

This invitation to the set of Girls is significantly longer and more in-depth than the first two teases and gives us a chance to see the young auteur at work as well as hear the obvious respect that acclaimed producer has for Dunham. Set in the ever-expensive New York City, Girls follows a group of young professional women who have more book smarts than world experience - a cast that includes Dunham, Allison Williams and Angelic Zambrana. I don't imagine that the HBO half hour comedy is too high-concept or plot heavy, more a slice of life look at ("terrible awkward real life experiences") this particular subsection of women struggling in the big city with the stories from week to week emerging organically from the characters and real world situations.

After this 'set visit' the mumblecore comedy couldn't be any more appealing and I'm not even in the core demographic. Or maybe I am. Hm. Time to reevaluate. Some subject matter might leave the less secure men squirming but well, that's got to be part of the fun for the Girls. The show debuts Sunday, April 15 on HBO. It stars Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Angelic Zambrana and Chris Eigeman. It was created by Lena Dunham and executively produced by Judd Apatow.