The Jumbo Supergirl Trailer Is Great, Shows Off Discarded Costume Choices

After months of waiting, CBS has finally released its first look at Supergirl with a lengthy trailer that introduces us to Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers, as well as the momentous event that first turns her into Supergirl, not to mention the costume changes that come with taking on the role of a superheroine. You can catch the extraordinarily lengthy trailer, below.

At the start of the trailer, Kara’s just your average twenty-something office worker, a young lady with an awkward personality who feels she is wasting her (superhuman) potential. Then, there’s an accident involving an airplane crash that Kara can stop. She gives flying a shot for it for the first time, choosing to put herself in the limelight in order to save lives. The more than six minute trailer covers a lot of material. We see a bit about the character’s backstory, we see her life at work and we meet her friends. Interestingly, we see the much shorter version of the costume her pal Wynn tries to get her in at first.


There’s even a second, short-skirted try that's at least one step away from the first go-go girl look. This one looks fairly comfortable, but it is missing the House of El coat of arms.


She eventually settles on the loftier look CBS released a few months ago, complete with fabulous boots, and of course, the cape.

cape 3

In addition to the costume changes, we also spend plenty of time with Kara’s bitchy media boss Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockhart, who apparently digs the name “supergirl.” (Kara’s not a huge fan.) We also get to check out Jimmy Olsen and his photography skills in the footage, and Kara basically is wowed just to meet the famous face. Later, she’ll try to get involved with the Department of Extranormal Operations, but it looks as if that endeavor may be a little more bumpy than she expected.

The trailer has a lot of gusto, and is young skewing, as CBS has been predicting for months. We still have a while to wait before Supergirl actually hits the schedule over at CBS. The series won’t premiere until after Thursday Night Football finishes airing, but then you’ll be able to catch it on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET. In the meantime, here’s what CBS has to offer this summer.

Jessica Rawden
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