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Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Explored In Lifetime's Secrets Of The Royal Nursery

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge first outed their pregnancy on Monday. With a new royal baby on the way, and the added excitement stemming from the fact the royal baby will be the couple’s first, it’s no surprise citizens and news outlets alike would be interested in baby tales. However, Lifetime may have jumped the gun a little with the network’s upcoming special, Secrets of the Royal Nursery.

Although obviously not sanctioned by the royal couple, Lifetime has apparently secured some hungry fame seekers with connections to the royal family to talk about what fans can expect from the pregnancy in the coming months. Since Kate Middleton is in the “very early” stages of her pregnancy, the whole things seems kind of premature, but if you are a huge fan of the couple and want to know what goes on behind closed doors with royal births, it may be something to tune in for. Additionally, the network is noting that William and Catherine’s marriage and the global attention that came with it will somehow be tied in with the narrative.

The one-hour special was put together extremely quickly and will air next week after the new episode of Project Runway All Stars. While it’s nice for Lifetime that Secrets of the Royal Nursery will be the first U.S. special devoted to the Duchess’ pregnancy, the only facts out in the universe about the Duchess’ pregnancy seem to be that she has been dealing with morning sickness and will be having the baby in a hospital, contrary to former traditions. I’m not really sure what the network will fill up the rest of the hour with.

Lifetime’s Secrets of the Royal Nursery will air Thursday, December 13 at 10 p.m. ET.

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