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Early next month, Fox’s Raising Hope will move to 8:00 p.m., shifting up an hour in the absence of Glee and making room for the return of I Hate My Teenage Daughter (8:30 p.m.) and Breaking In (9:30 p.m.). With Raising Hope’s new time-slot, and Fox’s two-hour comedy block comes an guest appearance by singer Katy Perry.

Fox shared the news today, stating that Perry is set to play the part of Rikki in the March 6th episode, titled “Single White Female Role Model.” Perry is apparently the real-life friend to Raising Hope star Shannon Woodward, and she’s also set to play Woodward’s character Sabrina’s supposed friend in the episode. Rikki is a prison attendant who claims she’s a friend from Sabrina’s past.

Here's the official description for the episode...

In the all-new episode, Sabrina is arrested after participating in an Occupy Natesville protest and is sentenced to two weeks in prison. Rikki (Perry), the prison attendant, will stop at nothing to make Sabrina’s stay in the slammer as dreadful as possible, until she remembers their childhood friendship. Meanwhile, the mayor of Natesville (guest star Mary Birdsong) grants Virginia (Martha Plimpton) three wishes after she helps the town’s top official avoid a public scandal.

On the subject of bringing Perry on board to guest star, Raising Hope show runner Greg Garcia had some typically amusing things to say...
“Shannon Woodward told me that her friend Katy was interested in doing an episode and I thought, ‘Why not? Let's do your friend Katy a favor,’” said executive producer Greg Garcia. “Then she came in and did a terrific job. She was hilarious. And now people are telling me that Katy is also a singer. I sincerely hope that her appearance on the show helps her get her singing career off the ground. It's a tough business.”

While Perry’s better known for her singing than she is for her acting, she did host an episode of Saturday Night Live and she appeared in an episode of How I Met Your Mother. It’ll be interesting to see what she brings to Raising Hope next month.

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