Kelly Ripa Is Finally Returning To Live With Kelly And Michael, Get The Details

It’s been a busy week for Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan, and maybe not the good kind of busy. After it was announced earlier this week that Strahan would be leaving Live with Kelly and Michael to join Good Morning America, Rippa, who was not told this news beforehand, did not show up to tape the show for the rest of the week. It was unclear exactly when she would return, if at all, but it seems like Ripa will come back sooner than people may have expected.

Kelly Ripa sent out an email late Friday night regarding her return, per THR. The email read that she would be returning to the show on Tuesday and she was thankful for all the support she received. While Ripa did not appear to work on Wednesday or Thursday, she had a previously scheduled vacation and took time off for Friday and Monday, so she should be returning on schedule.

While we now know when she will return, the big question is what will she do when she’s there. She didn’t know that Michael Strahan was planning to leave the show and apparently felt blindsided and betrayed by the whole thing. Supposedly some close to the show are worried that she will unload her aggressions when she arrives on set.

The other big issue is how Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan will do the show together now that there is so much tension. Chemistry is a hard thing to force. How will they react to each other onscreen? Strahan is scheduled to be there for another four months and won't be going to Good Morning America until September. That’s a long time to deal with the tension, and it probably won’t pass over anytime soon. It will be a major test to see if the two can even still work together.

While this is all probably very stressful for those close to the show, that Tuesday morning episode will probably have great ratings. Everyone who has been following the story will want to know what happens, and what Kelly Ripa will say about the entire situation. Then again, if the chemistry is awkward it could turn off a lot people who watch the show.

With all of this behind-the-scenes drama, ABC has reportedly been considering dropping Live with Kelly and Michael in favor of another hour of Good Morning America. While this might have sparked Michael Strahan’s decision to leave, it doesn’t seem like ABC is extending much courtesy to Kelly Ripa.

Only time will tell if the co-hosts of four years will be able to continue to work together. One thing is clear though: times are changing for Live with Kelly and Michael.

Matt Wood

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