Michael Strahan Is Leaving Live With Kelly And Michael

Big changes are on the way for the morning television scene. Michael Strahan is officially set to leave his co-hosting gig on Live with Kelly and Michael after four years of banter with Kelly Ripa. Luckily for fans of his, Strahan is sticking around on the ABC morning roster for the next step of his career, and he’ll be joining the team at Good Morning, America full time.

Michael Strahan has been a part-time contributor to Good Morning, America for two years, appearing twice weekly in addition to his work on Live with Kelly and Michael. He’s been able to handle both with no problem, but the time has evidently come for him to move on from his partnership with Kelly Ripa. He’ll start his regular gig on Good Morning America in September of 2016, according to Deadline.

Strahan first hit the morning talk show circuit after Regis Philbin left his Live co-hosting job with Kelly Ripa, who had herself replaced original host Kathie Lee Gifford. Plenty of celebrities were in the running to take Philbin’s seat, and former NFL star Strahan came out on top after fifteen appearances opposite Ripa. He was a slightly unexpected pick, but he brought a fun new dynamic to the show that needed some revitalization after many years of Regis followed by the long search for his replacement.

Good Morning America needed its own jolt of vitality when behind-the-scenes drama began to affect the program, and Strahan was brought in to work his magic in an effort to charm viewers back to the show. Live with Kelly and Michael was still his top priority, but he’d already proven capable of juggling more than one show thanks to his continued appearances on NFL Sunday even after joining Live.

Recently, Good Morning America has struggled in ratings against its NBC rival The Today Show. GMA is still ranked as the top morning program on network television, but Today is catching up. Michael Strahan coming on board may be just what GMA needs to get a big boost in viewers.

All in all, Strahan leaving Live with Kelly and Michael could be an exciting change to mix things up in morning TV. Most of us can even be spared any separation anxiety by knowing that he won’t be leaving ABC altogether. The only real bummer about the news is that Kelly Ripa will have to go through yet another epic hunt for a co-host. Hopefully she can find a new partner in banter who works as well with her as Michael Strahan, and this advanced notice should help that transition out.

Strahan won’t be appearing full-time on GMA until September, so there’s still time to catch him on Live with Kelly and Michael on weekdays at 9 a.m. ET on ABC. To see when your favorite shows are hitting the airwaves in the not-too-distant, be sure to check out our schedule of summer TV premiere dates.

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