The newly divorced and married Kelsey Grammer is heading back to the directorial game. CBS has tapped the former Frasier lead to helm its new pilot Vince Uncensored. Unlike most major sitcom stars that step behind the camera of their own shows now and again to give it the old college try, Grammer has really taken a shine to behind the scenes work, regardless of whether he’s acting in the program. Vince Uncensored will mark his fifth network pilot, one of which, Out Of Practice, actually got a green light.

According to Deadline, former Shield star Michael Chiklis has boarded to star in the vehicle, something he probably wasn’t expecting a year ago when he agreed to top the highly budgeted No Ordinary Family. Let’s hope this project doesn’t implode as quickly. It follows a man who alters his priorities, takes stock of his life and starts behaving in a fundamentally different way.

Late night host Conan O’Brien is also attached to the project in a producer’s role, though it’s unclear how much hands on impact he might have.

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