Kevin James' New Show Is Actually Happening, Here's What We Know

Even though the last nine years have seen actor Kevin James pulling in major big screen money in films such as the Paul Blart: Mall Cop flicks and the Grown Ups movies, he first became a household name as a TV star, and he’ll finally be headed back down that career path this fall. CBS has given an official go-ahead to the sitcom Kevin Can Wait, which will reunite the network with the former King of Queens star.

There’s a good chance you had come to the conclusion that previous reports of Kevin James’ return to TV were just a memory mirage. The comedy, which only got that snazzy new title today, was originally given a straight-to-series order back in October of last year and then news on the project dried up almost immediately. We’re still not sure just how much of Kevin Can Wait will be coming to audiences, but it’s a good sign that CBS made everything official just prior to the network’s upfront presentation next week. (Really, Kevin James can be this show’s advertising if they wanted to skip it at the upfronts.)


As you probably imagined, Kevin Can Wait will be a family comedy of the multi-camera studio audience variety, in which James will play a former cop whose retirement has seemingly given him the chance to spend quality time with his wife Donna, portrayed by comedy stalwart Erinn Hayes (seen above), and their three kids, played by Taylor Spreitler, Mary-Charles Jones and James DiGiacomo. But as Kevin will soon find out, being at home with his family will not necessarily be any less tough and intense than his time on the streets with the police force. Woe is him, guys. Woe indeed.

According to TVLine, the cast will also feature some more familiar faces. We’ll get to see Kevin James’ former King of Queens co-star Gary Valentine, Memphis Beat’s Leonard Earl Howze and The Neighbors’ Lenny Venito, although no information was given about who these folks will be playing.

CBS has been making some big and long-awaited decisions this week, finally giving out renewals and cancellations and a somewhat surprising decision for Supergirl Season 2. There is now one fewer open spot open on the network’s fall schedule, and several more decisions for CBS to make before the point of no return.

Are you guys happy that Kevin James is officially coming back to CBS this fall? While you’re pondering that answer, check out everything you’ll be able to watch before the fall with our TV premiere schedule.

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