Key & Peele's Obama And Anger Translator Luther Address The Town Hall Debate

Another Presidential Debate has aired, and thus, another set of funny reactions have begun to make their way online. This includes the songified version of the debate, and in the case of Comedy Central's stand-up/sketch comedy series Key & Peele, another message from President Obama and his trusted anger translator Luther. What do they have to way about this week's debate? Find out ahead!

Luther and Obama are back and ready to review the recent town hall debate, talk about the issues, complain about Romney and maybe throw in a zinger or two in the direction of the moderator Candy Crowley.

"You made it sound like finding a qualified woman is like hunting down a sasquash, riding on the back of of a unicorn reading the specifics of your tax plan."

It's funny seeing Obama politely point out to Luther that he too talked over the moderator, which turns Luther against Candy. Because that's how Luther does it. Obama changes gears, Luther swerves to accommodate.

Key & Peele airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

In related news, watch Schmoyoho's "Songified" version of the debate here.

Kelly West
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