The The Killing on AMC had a phenomenal start. Raves and ratings came but as the first season played out or dwindled, so did the acclaim and the viewership. However, before the backlash could kick off, Veena Sud's The Killing was already renewed for a second season and that's why the investigation for Rosie Larsson's murder continues every Sunday night. And guess what? That's a great thing for those who returned after the rough patch because this season is quite strong and definitely features some of the finest acting of any program on television.

The two-hour premiere, "Reflections" and "My Lucky Day," was stuck swapping up some of the mess that remained from the overly drawn out first season but after the 'cliffhangers' were resolved, the last stretch of episodes ("Numb" and last week's "Ogi Jun") have been, well, very good. I can only hope the strong storytelling and gloomy atmospherics continue this week with "Ghosts of the Past." Here's the clip...

The look at this week's episode is one extended scene with Linden and Holder rapping about the possible motive for this new suspect, the son of some Russian Mobster that Stan Larsson whacked in order to get out of the game. The past coming back to haunt Stan, I guess that's where the title comes from. Too bad the show is also bogged down by the continued sub-plot of Linden's poor mothering, especially since the time her and Holder spend together is great. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman have great chemistry for their complicated relationship and they are two major reasons the show is still worth watching.

Official synopsis from AMC's The Killing website,
Sarah gets a mysterious message from Rosie Larsen that may identify the killer while Mitch befriends a runaway girl and Richmond questions his political future.

The Killing airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The show is adapted from a Danish series of the same name (well, Forbrydelsen) and stars Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell and Joel Kinnaman.

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