The Killing Season 3 Gets A Creepy New Poster

Killing poster

Those of us who fell away from The Killing over the course of AMC's murder-focused drama series' first two seasons may want to give the series another try when Season 3 premieres. The show will have a new killer and a new mystery, which should allow new (or former) viewers the opportunity to jump on board with the show as it moves on to its third season.

The new poster, which comes courtesy of EW teases the new killer, not by the female in the background, but by the killer's tally marks. "17 and Counting." EW says Season 3 will focus on a new cast and provide a "creative reset," which will open the series up to new viewers as the show delves into a new mystery. Seasons 1 and 2 focused on the killing of Rosie Larsen, a teen living in the Pacific Northwest. The third season will have Mireille Enos' character Sarah Linden brought back to murder investigations to hunt down a killer who's preying on street kids.

Emphasis on a serial killer seems to fall in line with the growing trend for dark dramas. While Dexter is on its way out, with its final season set to air this summer, NBC and Fox both have their own serial killer-focused shows in Hannibal and The Following. The CW had Cult, but things didn't work out so well for that one. The Killing was nearly cancelled, too. In fact, it was cancelled, but managed to get a reprieve. Perhaps the series will have better ratings fortune with this new mystery. In the meantime, you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix, though it doesn't sound like it'll be necessary to get caught up before Season 3 premieres June 2.

Kelly West
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