The Killing Officially On For Season 3, Check Out New Details

A new season of The Killing has all but been set in stone for the last several weeks. Negotiations have been robust between AMC, the network that ran the first two seasons of the drama, and Fox TV Studios, who have professed interest in bringing it back to the small screen. A third season is now official and we have plenty of new details available that fans might be interested in.

First and foremost, The Killing has listened to its critics and won’t be stretching a case to make it last from season to season. So, if you were one of the many that grew tired of hearing about Rosie Larson, you’ll be happy to know that Season 3 of the drama will be entirely self-contained. According to Deadline, 12 episodes will be produced in Season 3 and by the end of those episodes, the mystery will be solved. Production on the new season will begin next month.

As noted prior, Billy Campbell and plenty of other notable members will be exiting the cast. However, Joel Kinnamon and Mereille Enos will be returning to lead the case in Season 3. Having quit the detective lifestyle, Enos’ character will supposedly be drawn back in by her former partner (Kinnamon) after another big murder case pops up. That’s all we have so far on the details, but with a little streamlining to the show's former structure, I feel like The Killing may capture audience’s interests, once more.

As for that alleged Netflix deal? Apparently, negotiations with the streaming entertainment company are still in the works. So, if you were keeping your fingers crossed, cross harder.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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