Kurt Russell Is Heading To TV, Expect A Giant Mustache

Every once in a while, an actor has the opportunity to become an on screen legend. Through Kurt Russell’s numerous forays into the western genre, as well as every other one, we think it’s safe to say that he has solidified legendary status for himself over the years. However, that doesn’t mean he has slowed down in his advanced age. We’ve just learned that the iconic action hero will once again head back to the west for a project called The Barbary Coast, an uncharacteristically small screen adventure that has other big names attached. Surely he's going to have his magnificent mega-mustache, right?

Former escaper from New York Kurt Russell has signed on as a lead in The Barbary Coast, set during the height of the 1849 Gold Rush in the young city of San Francisco as it experiences an influx of people coming west to seek fortune. In true Kurt Russell fashion, the series will chronicle events that took place within the city during this wild west period, highlighting the violence and lawless depravity that characterized the region at the time. Although it has yet to land on a network, rumors seem to point towards a premium cable network or a major streaming platform as the project’s final home.

Aside from Kurt Russell, The Barbary Coast is still shaping up to be an all-star affair. THR's report indicates that Russell will share his starring duties with his stepdaughter Kate Hudson. Additionally, Russell’s fellow 1980s action icon Mel Gibson is the creative force behind the drama, taking a recurring role in addition to tackling writing, directing, and executive producing duties. Although we have very little information regarding the nature of these characters, The Barbary Coast's development continues to hammer home the legitimacy of television as a viable medium for major movie stars.

The potential series is based on a novel by Herbert Asbury, the author of Gangs of New York, so expect no shortage of visceral action and buckets of blood. It’s an undoubtedly fitting project for Russell to undertake, considering has aptitude for the western genre with films like Tombstone, The Hateful Eight, and Bone Tomahawk. We’re just glad he now has a new opportunity to once again don that eye-nabbing mustache.

If it seems like you’ve seen quite a bit of Kurt Russell over the last year or so, that’s because you have. The aging thespian has seen an immense resurgence in popularity recently, having made widely praised appearances in films like Furious 7 and The Hateful Eight. Additionally, he will soon head over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to take part in the highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Although he’s not typically known for his forays into the world of television, The Barbary Coast seems like just the right type of project to keep him within the genre that mustaches do well in.

We will bring you any and all relevant updates related to The Barbary Coast as they become available to us. For more information concerning upcoming TV series, be sure to take a look at our comprehensive summer TV schedule.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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