Lady Gaga Confirms American Horror Story Season 6 Return

Part of what makes American Horror Story such a unique show is that it is an anthology. Each season of AHS is a different story, so the ensemble cast gets to step into new roles. Last season, American Horror Story: Hotel welcomed a new surprise cast member as international pop star Lady Gaga took the leading role of The Countess. Now the question is: will Gaga be returning for future seasons of AHS?

This morning, Lady Gaga phoned in to Z100 Radio and spoke to Elvis Duran and the crew about her recent performance at the Oscars. At the tail end of the interview, Gaga is asked point blank if she's returning to American Horror Story, and she spilled the beans.

Yes... [But] I can't promise you how or when or anything like that.

It's official! Lady Gaga most likely wasn't supposed to tell Z100 about her upcoming return to cable TV, but fans of American Horror Story are sure to be thrilled that Gaga will be part of the cast of Season 6.

Last season, Lady Gaga was announced to be joining the cast as soon as the theme for Season 5 was revealed. Since stellar regular and acting powerhouse Jessica Lange wasn't going to be in Hotel, Ryan Murphy took to finding another star as the newest femme fatale. This starpower was found with Gaga, as she was cast as The Countess.

Lady Gaga AHS

There were certainly a bunch of naysayers when Lady Gaga was announced to be leading the cast of American Horror Story. While the pop star grew up in theatre, she didn't have a ton of professional acting credits. All of those doubts were soon quieted when Hotel was aired, and Gaga succeeded in captivating the audience in all of her scenes. Additionally, she would be honored with the Golden Globe for Best Actress In A Miniseries or Television Film. And she wasn't afraid to bump Leonardo DiCaprio on the way up to accept the award.

Lady Gaga's comment to Z100 makes me think that she perhaps won't be the central character in the upcoming Season 6 of American Horror Story. While Hotel was essentially all about Gaga's character and her relationship to the rest of the cast, it seems like she won't be the lead character next time around. Since Gaga's schedule is undoubtedly very busy, it make sense that she might take a smaller role moving forward, while still being able to participate in the TV project that earned her so much adoration.

We're expecting Lady Gaga to release a new album sometime this year, and she'll presumably be shooting videos, doing promotion, and touring in conjunction to the album. While filming American Horror Story: Hotel, Gaga didn't work on any other projects. She was able to fully immerse herself into the role of The Countess, and focus on her craft. With a new album on the way, she likely won't be able to devote as much time with Season 6.

We'll continue to update you on the untitled Season 6 of American Horror Story as more details become public.

Corey Chichizola
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