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The pilot of Showtime’s new show ‘Insatiable’ will be chock full of known celebrities if negotiations go well. The comedy, whose cast already includes Peter Facinelli and Beth Riesgraf will center on four families living in a smalltown and struggling with a variety of addictions.

Reuters.com reported that the network is currently working on casting Andie MacDowell, Lara Flynn Boyle and Andrea Martin. MacDowell’s character will play a glamorous woman who married into money and spends most of her time shopping on eBay. Boyle’s character will play MacDowell’s sister who gets off on shoplifting. Martin’s character is a single mother-slash-accountant who enjoys gambling her money away.

The creators of the show describe it as being set to the tone of ‘Twin Peaks’. All of the reports thus far have only mentioned casting for the pilot episode.

Speculation: There has been no official word on whether or not all of the characters will make it through the end of the first episode or if the show will go the ‘Desperate Housewives’ route in starting the show of by killing off one of the main characters. A few years ago I would’ve said this would be unheard of for a comedy but if there’s one thing ‘Desperate Housewives’ has proven it’s that killing off one or more of the main characters can occasionally yield humorous results.