Legend Of The Seeker Finds Dark Sister In Jolene Blalock

Enterprise's Vulcan, T'Pol is looking to earn another badge in the Geek Scouts. Jolene Blalock is heading off to New Zealand to join the hit syndicated series Legend of the Seeker. Seeker single-handedly revived the syndicated drama format last year, once huge in the '90s with such staples as Hercules, Xena, and even Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. Now there's just Legend of the Seeker, but it's doing very well.

Blalock has been cast in the role of a Sister of the Dark. She not only threatens Richard's ongoing quest to defeat evil in the Midlands, but she's got a real hate-on for Kahlan. More importantly for the show, she's gorgeous. Which means she'll probably be in tight leather at some point, and certainly she'll be sporting a dangerous depth of cleavage.

When you don't have a big network behind you, it's important to use what assets you do have ... young, hard bodies. And by that, I absolutely do not mean Bruce Spence's Zedd. I don't think I could handle seeing his cleavage.

If Legend of the Seeker performs well again in its second season, maybe we'll start to get more syndicated programming. There's certainly a ripe opportunity, with the networks continuing to erode viewers, for local channels to take better control of their programming. Reaper almost made the switch to syndication, so we know showrunners are at least aware of the possibility. I'd rather see shows like Legend of the Seeker on at 10pm over The Jay Leno Show.