Legends Of Tomorrow Just Revealed The Next Green Arrow, And He Looks Awesome

Next week, Legends of Tomorrow is taking a break from its adventures in the past and the team will get partially comfortable in Star City in the year 2046. While there, they’ll run into an older Oliver Queen, who is still fighting crime as the Green Arrow. And while they thought they were talking to Oliver at the end of the episode, they were actually talking to Green Arrow 2.0, Oliver's successor. Check him out.

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Who is this person? Well, just like in the comics, it will be Connor Hawke who inherits the mantle in “Star City 2046.” The CW hadn’t made a casting announcement about who would be playing Connor, but we now know it's Joseph David-Jones wielding the bow and arrow. And though we didn't get to see him for very long, I like seeing someone else at the heroic helm for the Green Arrow, although I hope he didn't actually hit anyone when he took that last shot.

Connor was first reported to be appearing on Legends of Tomorrow back in October, but few details were provided about his role on the show. All that was confirmed is that in this universe, he will not be Oliver Queen’s son, which is perfectly obvious mere milliseconds into his reveal. So this will probably have a similar feel to the animated series Batman Beyond, where Oliver simply finds a suitable successor to shoot arrows at bad guys. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

As well as pictures of an older Oliver, Stephen Amell also took to Twitter to share this photo of most of the Legends of Tomorrow team watching Oliver speaking with who we assumed was Connor, but you know how the DC Universe gets with its masked characters. Could have been anyone, right?

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In the 30 years since the Legends of Tomorrow team first time-jaunted out of 2016, Vandal Savage was able to cause massive chaos, resulting in crime running rampant. Inspired by his The Dark Knight Returns look, Oliver will be rocking a goatee and missing an arm. It’s probably that latter element that will lead him to choosing someone to take his place. Since this future will eventually be changed (assuming the protagonists do their job right), there’s no guarantee that Connor will still become Green Arrow in the “regular” timeline, but for comic book fans, seeing him for just a short time will undoubtedly be great. This episode will also feature a villain will “pick up his father’s legacy,” and judging by the other pictures, it looks like it may be Deathstroke’s son Joe, known in the comics as Jericho. Connor may already have himself an arch-enemy.

You can catch new episodes of Legends of Tomorrow Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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