A Big Change Is Finally Going To Be Made To Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen has come so far over the last few years. Between taking on a team of fellow vigilantes, adopting the persona of Green Arrow, and seriously dialing back his penchant for murder, The CW’s resident archer has matured a lot since his neck-snapping days as The Hood on Season 1 of Arrow. Despite all of that progress, there are still certain aspects of the iconic Oliver Queen that audiences have long clamored for. Ask and you shall receive, comic book fans; it looks like Stephen Amell’s green clad DC superhero is going to lose an appendage while gaining some facial hair and another son (sort of) in the near future.

Amell just posted a video to his Facebook page that shed some light as to how his character will look when his future-self appears on Legends of Tomorrow:

I'm going to be appearing on episode 106 of Legends with The Goatee, one arm, and we’re gonna meet Connor Hawke. The lesson is always ‘Never say never.'

It had long been rumored that Oliver would eventually get his goatee at some point, but we can now say with absolute certainty that it’s going to happen. Just not on his own show. The character has slowly grown into his comic book persona as seasons of Arrow have gone by, and the inclusion of such glorious facial hair means that sometime in the future he will have fully embraced it. Amell previously denied all rumors that the goatee would ever appear on Arrow, so introducing it on Legends seems like a way for him to keep his word while still giving fans what they want.

The fact that he will only be sporting one arm should get anyone who knows anything about the greater DC mythos incredibly excited. Oliver Queen famously only had one arm during the legendary Frank Miller Batman storyline The Dark Knight Returns. During this arc, it’s heavily implied that Superman forcefully amputated the appendage when Oliver wouldn’t quietly retire from superheroics. This doesn’t inherently mean that any aspects of The Dark Knight Returns will find their way into that particular episode of Legends of Tomorrow, but it adds to the growing number of Easter eggs that seem to indicate that the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight indeed inhabit the Arrow-verse.

Whether or not Oliver will still be operating as Green Arrow when the Legends make their way to the future remains to be seen as well. The inclusion of Connor Hawke on the show seems to point to a new iteration of the hero taking the mantle. The casting for Connor has yet to be revealed, although the previous announcement stated that producers were looking for a black or biracial actor for the part. That means that his son William, whatever happened to him in the meantime, apparently wasn't looking to pick up the family trade of vigilantism. Maybe he's really into running for mayor.

Only time will tell what other aspects of DC lore make their way into Legends of Tomorrow. One thing we have to remember: last season on The Flash, the Reverse-Flash told Oliver that he lives to be 86 years old, so start taking bets on how old Mr. Queen will be when he appears on Legends of Tomorrow.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

Originally from Connecticut, Conner grew up in San Diego and graduated from Chapman University in 2014. He now lives in Los Angeles working in and around the entertainment industry and can mostly be found binging horror movies and chugging coffee.