Limitless Is Moving Forward At CBS, Get The Specifics

You know that movie you liked or didn’t like? It’s probably coming to TV soon. In this particular instance, I’m talking about the 2011 film Limitless, which turned Bradley Cooper into the smartest person on the planet. (At least until Lucy came along.) CBS has ordered a pilot for Limitless, which will seemingly streamline the film’s story to spin it as a crime procedural. Who would have thought CBS would do a thing like that?

The main character in Limitless has a completely different name this time around. Instead of Eddie Morra, we will now follow Brian Sinclair, whose brain-expanding drug NZT sets him in the sights of the FBI. But instead of them arresting him or studying NZT, they coerce Brian into using his abilities to help them solve cases, according to Deadline. When CBS first put this project into development, it was being described as a sequel, but that’s not mentioned here at all.

Limitless will be written and executive produced by Craig Sweeny, best known for his work on Medium and most recently on Elementary. The film’s director, Neil Burger (Divergent), will be back to direct the pilot. Though Bradley Cooper won’t be returning to star – at least at this point – he will be executive producing along with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

It’s no surprise that CBS is moving forward with Limitless, seeing as how the similar “genius doing things for a higher authority” drama Scorpion has been a hit for the network. These two shows might just make a serviceable double feature. Check out the film’s trailer to refresh your memory about what kind of dialogue this show will utilize.

CBS also ordered an untitled comedy pilot from Modern Family executive producer Dan O’Shannon that follows a set of friends at three different points in their lives. As well, the Tad Quill (Scrubs) pilot Angel from Hell was ordered, and it will center on a friendship between one woman and another who claims to be the former’s guardian angel. Strange stuff. The network also recently ordered another film-to-TV pilot adapting Brett Ratner’s hit film Rush Hour.

Will Limitless end up being as genius as the pilot’s protagonist, or will it lower audiences’ I.Q.s? We’ll just have to wait and see if CBS gives it a full series order before finding out. Let the “Bring Bradley Cooper to TV” rallies begin.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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