Lindsay Lohan's Docu-Series Trailer Teases Drama, Oprah And A Rare Look Behind The Scenes

Hearing that the trailer for Lindsay Lohan's OWN reality series is out, my mind scanned through different expectations based on other celeb-reality shows. Maybe, in an effort to improve her image, we're about to see a sample of Lindsay presenting herself as though everything's perfect in her life right now. Or maybe it's going to look like the docu-series is aiming to earn the star sympathy from its audience, if only we'd understand her struggles. Maybe she'll be candid and honest about her thoughts, or maybe this will be another reality show where the celebrity is intent on presenting themselves a certain way that the show feels less like a documentary and more like an advertisement or a presentation of the ideal image of this particular star. Looking at the Lindsay trailer, it doesn't seem to fit any of those moulds. But then again, Lindsay Lohan doesn't either, nor does Oprah so we probably should have expected something different from the start.

What stands out most about this first look at OWN's Lindsay is where the two-minute video leads. At first, it's Lohan sounding discontent and frustrated about being followed around and feeling like a prisoner. She's back in New York. Her mother's happy. Her father's adding stress and anger to her life. These are all the things fans of Lohan and those who follow her in the tabloids are likely looking for. It's about that inside look into Lohan's life and her raw reactions to things that appeals to some people.

What drew me in was less about that as it is about halfway through the video when things start going wrong, not in Lindsay's life but with the documentary. She's locked out of her apartment and they can't film. She keeps changing things that were agreed upon. And from the sound of it, her unpredictable behavior causes problems for the show. They might find ways to work around that, but they're also using that as part of the series, which is what I find interesting.

Because how often do reality series show producers and other production people in the show, let alone the trailer? Production intervention on camera seems like one of those rare things when something big happens and it has to be dealt with, but that's usually in shows like Jersey Shore and Big Brother. And this situation looks like it's bigger than one escalated incident. It's hard to know for sure by the trailer, but this series could be -- at least in part, if not as much as -- about the making of the docu-series as it is about its subject.

Of course, the drama level is high. Oprah's intervention sees to that, as she basically tells her to cut the shit (or whatever was bleeped out) and do this or not do it. But looking at the trailer, it does suggest that the series is aiming to give people a rare inside look into the making of a celebrity reality show, and that's something people will tune in for.

I'm with Oprah. I want Lindsay to win. I'll take a good comeback story any day. And in Lohan's case, she's due. She's 27. She has her whole career ahead of her if she wants it and there are plenty of people who are cheering her on. She does seem to want it, at the very least and she's willing to let people film her attempt, for better or worse. But it's the second half of the trailer that has my interest piqued. I'll be curious to see how much behind-the-scenes footage this series shows us, and where this documentary is headed in its efforts to capture the reality of Lindsay Lohan in her current life.

Lindsay will air on Own on Sunday, March 9 at 10/9c.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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