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Since the day it was announced that Lindsay Lohan would be portraying screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s biopic, Liz & Dick, the question has been one of whether or not this would be Lohan’s big comeback. The ratings are in, and the response to the movie seems to indicate that Lohan’s comeback is in question.

Liz & Dick aired last night to a total of 3.5 million viewers, putting it in fourth place for Lifetime’s original movie premieres this year. It’s also a full 3 million less than the network’s remake of Steel Magnolias which aired in October, says Deadline. Considering how much hype it has had, the numbers are pretty low; there’s been a lot of buzz and a lot of buildup to this movie, and at least some of the viewership has to be attributed to those looking to see Lohan fail. After a promising career in her early years, Lohan’s descent into partying and legal troubles turned her into the punchline of a bad joke. Sadly, it doesn’t look like Liz & Dick will do much to improve that situation.

Response to the movie has been pretty bad across the board. Although I admit I haven’t seen it yet, I can’t say I had a whole lot of hope for it as a comeback vehicle for Lindsay. It may have been just a bit too ambitious a role for her to take on. At least she can take comfort in the fact that she’s been in the news for something other than drinking, partying, and crashing her car.

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